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May 25, 2018

Nutrium™ Soild Amendment Agents

After an extensive period of research and development, it is our pleasure to introduce Nutrium™, our brand new line of premium turf amendment agents. Nutrium™ products were formulated to conveniently deliver highly-bioavailable nutrient sources directly to a plant’s root system, with particular focus upon reducing oxidative stress and encouraging stronger cell wall formation.

Every product in the Nutrium™ line utilizes cutting-edge amino acid technology to promote the production and storage of carbohydrates, increasing plant stress tolerance and the creation of building block proteins needed for chlorophyll. Custom-developed supplemental wetting agent technology ensures efficient and highly efficacious nutrient uptake, making application easier and more convenient than ever before.

Click here to view the introductory Nutrium™ flyer.

March 7, 2018

After many months of research and development, it is our pleasure to introduce CaSium™, a premium turf amendment agent formulated to deliver highly-bioavailable calcium and silicon to a plant’s root system, thereby reducing oxidative stress and encouraging stronger cell wall formation.

CaSium™ utilizes proprietary supplementary penetrant technology to efficaciously bypass hydrophobic soil media and distribute 10% calcium, 22% silicon and 1% amino acids directly to a plant’s roots. The custom L-amino acid blend in CaSium™ promotes the production and storage of carbohydrates, increasing plant stress tolerance and the creation of building block proteins for chlorophyll.

In addition to its many strengths, CaSium™ is also an excellent source of nitrogen aiding in the “green-up” of treated turf. CaSium™ is truly a breakthrough, multi-faceted tool for turf managers seeking to increase turf health and overall quality.

February 1, 2017

We are excited to announce Liquidium™ "Gypsum", the first product in our brand new Liquidium™ line. The use of gypsum in fertilizer dates back to the late 18th century. It is renowned for its ability to reduce excess sodium content in soil, whilst increasing water penetration by loosening compacted media.

Liquidium™ "Gypsum" is a hyper-concentrated liquid formulation engineered from the ground up to loosen compacted soils, reduce media salinity and provide relief to waterlogged turf and crops by vastly improving drainage. Liquidium™ “Gypsum” makes treating compacted and high salinity media more convenient and cost-effective than ever before;  a single gallon of Liquidium™ "Gypsum" contains more available calcium than 800 pounds of granular gypsum. Additionally, Liquidium™ "Gypsum" leverages potent wetting agent technology to increase its penetration power and overall efficacy.  

Liquidium™ "Gypsum" is immediately available in a variety of packaging options: ranging from quarts, to 275 gallon totes.

December 12, 2016

Hybrid Green Colorant Paint Before After

After many months of research and development, we are excited to unveil Hybrid Green™, a specialty turf colorant formulated to provide excellent color and longevity. Hybrid Green™ leverages key technologies present in Green Screen and our Green Turf Paint to create an extremely resilient, yet cost-effective option for turf managers seeking to improve off-season turf appearance.

Hybrid Green Turf Colorant Paint Before After

Hybrid Green™ represents a tremendous leap forward in pigment-based colorant technology; delivering a stunning natural color under a wide range of usage rates. Unlike other colorants and paints, Hybrid Green™ does not fade to blue over time, nor does it shift to blue at lower dilutions. This results in an extremely versatile product that can be used effectively at a previously unheard of 32 oz. per acre rate, while still maintaining a fully natural color. Further, the per-gallon cost of Hybrid Green™ is significantly lower than comparable colorants and paints, opening the door for applications that were previously considered to be prohibitively expensive such as fairway treatments, and full-course coverage.

Hybrid Green™ is immediately available for private label in a wide range of packaging options: from quarts to 250 gallon totes.

August 22, 2015

On July 12, 2015 AmegA Sciences began preliminary trials to test the efficacy of HumWet™ and Vitalize on nematode infested soil. The goal was simple: to improve turf quality and appearance, whilst enhancing soil conditions. Due to the extremely potent wetting agent and nutrient technology present in HumWet™, combined with the advanced soil conditioning properties of Vitalize, a dramatic improvement can be seen after just one week.

Golf Course Nematode Treatment

Golf Course Nematode Turf Problem Following the second application, the treated turf's appearance improved to such a degree, that it's difficult to tell that the soil once had a nematode problem. These results are even more impressive when one considers that the golf course pictured stayed open during the entirety of the treatment process.

Nematodes can be no less than devastating to soil and plants: sucking nutrients from their host, while simultaneously inhibiting water uptake. Their efficiency at damaging plant life has resulted in them becoming one of the most ubiquitous parasites ever seen. AmegA Sciences' approach vastly improves upon traditional treatment techniques by providing much-needed nutrients and hydrophilicity to soil, accelerating the recovery process.

With the incredible results displayed in this test, AmegA Sciences plans to conduct further testing in the hopes of cementing HumWet™ and Vitalize's status as valuable tools in the fight against the destructive soil conditions caused by nematodes.

A flyer containing high-resolution photos and treatment details, can be found by clicking here.

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May 9, 2015

HumWet Granular Wetting Agent With Humic AcidIn mid-2014, AmegA Sciences introduced the HumWet line of wetting agent tablets. HumWet tablets were formulated with the goal of providing turf managers a tool for assisting water conservation and plant health. They combined our active three-way wetting agent technology and the purest form of humic available on the market, to deliver a product that not only aided water conservation, but also improved stress tolerance, increased nutrient uptake and promoted deeper rooting.

Needless to say, HumWet tablets proved to be an overwhelming success. That is why we are so excited to unveil two new additions to the HumWet product line: HumWet L, and HumWet G.HumWet Granular Wetting Agent With Fulvic Acid

HumWet G:

AmegA Sciences has long been a leader in premium granular wetting agents, shipping hundreds of thousands of pounds annually, to a myriad of satisfied customers. Therefor leveraging that experience by combining the technology of HumWet with our proven granular solutions, struck us as a natural step forward. The result is HumWet G, a premium granular wetting agent with some of the most available humic and fulvic acid on the market.

HumWet L:

HumWet L is a super concentrated solution which uses much of the same technology as our HumWet tablet line, but with the increased convenience and scalability afforded by a liquid product: For instance, it is possible to treat an acre of greens, with just 6 ounces of HumWet L!

June 27, 2014

HumWet Wetting Agent Tablet with Humic Acid Before

We are proud to introduce HumWet, a 100% active, humic-acid-infused wetting agent tablet optimized for root development. HumWet is the culmination of an extensive research and development effort here at AmegA Sciences, and is now available for private labeling.

HumWet Wetting Agent Tablet with Humic Acid After

HumWet was formulated with the goal of providing turf managers a tool for assisting water conservation and plant health.  Our proprietary formulation, which combines our premium wetting agent technology and the purest form of Humic available to market, delivers a tool that assists in water conservation, improves stress tolerance, increases nutrient uptake and promotes deeper rooting.  HumWet tablets also maintain their integrity, and do not chunk.

In addition to all of this, HumWet is built upon our 3-way active wetting agent technology. Needless to say, HumWet is an extremely versatile and effective tool for turf managers. If you have any questions please contact us by clicking here.

July 2, 2013

Immerse GT Greens Fairy Ring

Recently a turf manager in South Carolina was suffering from severe localized dry spots known as "Fairy Rings". Fairy rings are especially hard to contend with due to their extremely thick and hydrophobic thatch. Attempts to treat the effected turf area often prove unsuccessful, since fungicides by-themselves can not penetrate to the root area.

To the left is a picture of the golf course that was previously plagued with "Fairy Rings" just days after being treated with Immerse GT. Immerse GT was used as an adjuvant to carry a fungicide through the thatch of the "Fairy Ring" so that it could effectively treat the turf. Click here for more information on Immerse GT.

July 1, 2013

Immerse GT Greens

Proprietary Surfactant Technology A Vital Tool for Turf Managers

Turf managers deal with many variables delivered by Mother Nature. Drought and excessive rainfall being extremes a turf manager may combat. Immerse GT wetting agent, a tool with a 3 way mode of action may assist the turf manager controlling these extremes.

The proprietary technology used will help Immerse GT control LDS and provide uniform soil moisture throughout the soil profile during periods of reduced moisture. The 3rd mode of action in Immerse GT assists in the removal of excess moisture created from overwatering or extreme rainfall.

The unique 3 way mode of action in Immerse provides a vital tool for the turf manager to control LDS, provide uniform soil moisture and remove excess moisture from the soil. To the right is a picture of an Immerse user, 6 days post aerification.

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October 18, 2012

AmegA Interact 80+ soil surfactant (picture) suitable for Agriculture, Horticulture Turf and Ornamental applications.AmegA Sciences Inc. is proud to announce our newest soil surfactant, Interact 80+. Interact 80+ is an interactive surfactant which promotes water spreading by moving and pushing moisture through soil making it available to plants and crops. Its unique formulation ensures maximum water uptake especially on coarsely textured hydrophobic soils. Interact 80+ is not crop specific because it changes the way in which water and hydrophobic soils “interact”, driving moisture through thatch so plants and crops can efficiently utilize water and nutrients. This makes Interact 80+ extremely versatile and effective across a wide range of applications.

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September 10, 2012

We are proud to welcome Eugene (Gene) Baldwin to the AmegA Sciences team as our new National Sales Manager. Gene is a Class A superintendent, graduate of Purdue University and has been in the golf operations business for over 25 years. Gene launched his career under a great superintendent and teacher at TPC Sawgrass. He has covered many areas of turf management including managing both cool and warm season grasses. He has also overseen the construction and growth of 3 facilities. The experience gained by Gene over his extensive and diverse career will help AmegA Sciences expand into new markets and provide even better support to our current ones.

September 3, 2012

Welcome to the new and improved AmegA Sciences website! You will find this new site easy to use for finding product labels and information on how AmegA Sciences can assist you with your private label needs for wetting agents, spray adjuvants and colorants!

The website is not the only new thing happening with AmegA Sciences! We recently moved into a larger facility in Lakeland, Florida that has allowed us to increase and streamline our production capabilities. In addition to that we are introducing 2 new products, Green Screen (a spray pigment product) and Quench (a 100% active wetting agent for tees, fairways and greens)!

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