AmegA Sciences Inc.

Golf Course Turf grass AmegA Sciences was established in 1984 in the UK, where it is currently the leading supplier of specialty chemicals for use in the turfgrass and lawn care market. In 2005 AmegA Sciences Inc. opened a manufacturing facility and offices in Florida in order to provide the same level of service and turfgrass expertise to the U.S Market.

AmegA Sciences Inc. flourished in the Florida sunshine researching and developing ever more innovative products, which are all available exclusively for Private label. AmegA Sciences does not sell its own brand direct to the end user; we help you create your own brand line with multiple products that are suited for a variety of agricultural, amenity (turf and ornamental), and horticultural industry needs.


Horticulture Amega Sciences

AmegA Sciences Inc. is active in 3 primary markets: Agriculture, Turf/Ornamental and Horticulture. Our products are proven to help a number of common problems companies face within these three industries, including water conservation, water retention, salt management, germination acceleration and spray adjuvant application. Please feel free to browse our detailed product descriptions as well as download our products' brochures and labels.

Please check with us regularly for updates of new innovative products and the many ways we can help your business grow.